Lookout Hill, Prospect Park

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Lookout Hill

This is one of the many staircase entrances to Lookout Hill, and at 186 feet above sea level it’s the highest point in Prospect Park.  Battle Hill in Green-Wood Cemetery takes the prize highest point in all of Brooklyn at 220 feet above sea level.  I visited Lookout Hill just before the leaves started turning in early autumn.  To my surprise, it’s an abandoned part of the park.  These staircases used to lead up to a summit in which visitors could once look out over Prospect Lake below, and see all the farmland south to Coney Island and the Narrows.  Since park is no longer manicured as it was 100 years ago, trees have now obstructed this view.  The top of Lookout Hill contains the remains of this popular viewpoint.  There are rusting light posts and fire hydrants scattered about the bushes.  It’s actually a scary place to be alone and some web research reveals that a few murders happened up there over the last few decades.

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